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  • Tomatoes & Flowers

    "Tomatoes & Flowers" is a 360° management feedback tool. It's easy for staff to give you kudos, but face it: they aren't going to tell you that you suck at something or screwed up, no matter how open your door is. Yet, honest feedback is critical to success: how many personal and business growth opportunities have you missed out on? "Tomatoes & Flowers" solves the problem. Empower your staff to "throw" tomatoes (weaknesses) and flowers (strengths) at you, anonymously.

  • The Name Games

    Are you bad with names? Get the Cure - play the Name Games and memorize those important contacts that could lead to your next big break, or at least save yourself from embarrassment. Click to learn more - and spread the word! If we get 500 signups, we'll start building it out for iOS.

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