The Name Games 2 – 15sec Pitch

Update – we just made it to the finals of the Samsung SPen Developer Challenge and need fast brilliant design help THIS WEEKEND. Contact us if you want to join our team to build this by 7/10, and be eligible to win your own Galaxy Note and split the $1K prize with the rest of the team. Only four teams made the finals!

Update to the Update – the hackathon veteran Gabriel Velez of DesignOnCue has joined to help us make a beautiful design!

Today’s the deadline for the 15 second video pitch for Samsung’s SPen Developer Challenge. I saw one of their Galaxy Note devices (larger than a phone, smaller than a tablet) at AngelHack NY Summer 2012 last weekend and seriously coveted one, so I entered myself into the challenge. There were a couple of hurdles to pass – you had to sign up as a developer on their rather cryptic site, then take a screenshot of you “logged in” to their dev site, then tweet it (for good measure including @SamsungDevUS) by June something. THEN you had to put together a 15 second video and post it to tout by July 1. A heck of a lot of work just to commit enter – and that doesn’t include actually doing the hacking to submit for the actual challenge!

Anyway did I mention the Galaxy Note is sweet? Super-thin, beautiful, and although pens with tablets being heralded anew have actually come full circle since the MagicHat/Newton/Palm days, I can’t help but inwardly drool at the thought of one. I have now got a taste for free sleek cutting-edge electronics from vendors since winning the HTC prize at AngelHack NY last weekend. (Mmmm, HTC One S and $500 Best Buy gift card!) I’m also squeezing in whatever time I can to design and iterate prototypes for The Name Games, as a guilty pleasure, so here we are.

Cardboard from the recycling pile, inks pens, sharpies, post-it notes, sharp scissors, and a trip down memory lane (I used to stay up late at night hand-making envelopes from blank sheets of paper, obsessing over crisp corners and symmetrical folds) led me to the prototype you’ll see in the video. I put together a mini-video studio by using a gooseneck lamp, a music stand hovering over the dining room table, and an iPad2 laid flat on the music stand. Enjoy, and let me know what you think. Which game would you want first?

(Oh, I composed the music, too :)

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