The Name Games Wins HTC Prize at AngelHack NY Summer 2012

I’m thrilled to announce that my hack at AngelHack NY Summer 2012 last weekend, The Name Games, won the HTC API prize. In fact both teams I was on made it to the semi-finals, the other being TurfQuest with Oscar Torres at the helm. Actually, when I joined the TurfQuest team I’d set aside my own project until Jason Saltzman, Founder/COO of  the  Hatchery 500 premier co-working plus networking space, offered me the chance to pitch The Name Games for a video shoot Sunday morning at 1am. So I jumped at the chance. And I did the pitch. And then I figured, well, I better make the thing! The Name Games had been planned for Hackerbilt’s product roadmap for 1Q2013. But hey, what better time than the present, at a hackathon, to iterate the prototype!

The Name Games is a mobile app that gamifies memorization of your contacts’ names and faces, applying rankings to each contact’s worth to you. I meet a lot of people, as a Mentor at Founder Institute, as a Member of Manhattan Community Board 9 (go West Harlem!), as a musician, and attendee of countless tech/music/theatre/community networking events. Leave it to me to repeat the name of someone I meet a few times, only to completely forget it by the end of the first conversation. The Name Games will fix all that by giving me fun games that drill me on the Contacts on my phone or Google Contacts, as well as my 500+ LinkedIn connections.

Here’s the pitch video of the hack, built on HTC’s OpenSense SDK, and specifically the LockScreen API which allowed me to create the contact flashcard game on the lock screen of the phone, so that it could be played even without unlocking the screen. How’s that for productive use of subway commute time?


As always, your feedback is welcome – tell us what you’d like to see most in the Name Games!

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