Scrumball Pro – Pre-Look

Dear Scrumball Fans,

We approved the final 3D artwork for tooling last week, and sent over the graphics design as well. We’re expecting to receive the first sample batch in about 2 weeks, which will be a huge milestone for us. With an advanced physical prototype (as in, more advanced than a doctored-up NERF ball), we’ll be able to put together a demo video, show it in demo meetings, and observe it in play in actual Daily Stand-ups run by potential partners.

On the partnership/corporate customer path, we’ve had several valuable and positive meetings with software development companies of all sizes. One household-name behemoth in NYC has agreed to an early purchase and will be working with us to get the Scrumball into the hands of a number of teams at a management training session. They’re an Android shop, so we’re hard at work porting the app over to Android.

Two other agile software consulting/agile tool development firms have also agreed to work with us and our product – one as an early purchaser, and one bringing on their entire team as beta-testers.

Interface for account link and status management

Finally, we’ve begun working on the Scrumball Pro. Chris, our designer, and I are very happy with the speed and simplicity of the UX to help users access, organize, and report their status and blockers from linked accounts. In fact we’re so jazzed about the added-value of this feature that we’ve decided to add this functionality into the Scrumball Lite, restricting it to one linked account. See the new image for an idea of this interface.

I was in Vietnam for the last week, coding and keeping an eye on things from afar, while Marc did marketing magic. Please do reach into your wallets to donate generously to push this campaign forward, and get the word out for us.


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