Software Development Process

Roll the Cards – Disrupt Your Brainstorm

You’re Stuck in Your Brain The other day I explained to Trevor Owens, CEO of Lean Startup Machine, how my team is trying out different ways of brainstorming. His reaction to one particular method was a stronger “YES” signal than most of the product experiments we’ve been doing, so I agreed to blog about it. […]

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Lean Startup Machine Changed My Life

I just went through Lean Startup Machine – a 3-day workshop teaching Lean Startup principles (Eric Ries) by having you build a viable business in 72 hours. It was quite the experience… my team and I alternately wanted to throttle each other and slap each other on the back-within the same day. Basically it comes […]

The Scrumball Sample

First Look – First Sample of the Scrumball

  Hi Scrumball Fans, Yesterday Fedex delivered our first samples manufactured with the metal tool of the Scrumball. How exciting! Here’s me ripping into the box with great speed. There was so much tape on the box, it was the packing tape version of Fort Knox, for such humble foam contents. Next, I pulled free […]

Interface for account link and status management

Scrumball Pro – Pre-Look

Dear Scrumball Fans, We approved the final 3D artwork for tooling last week, and sent over the graphics design as well. We’re expecting to receive the first sample batch in about 2 weeks, which will be a huge milestone for us. With an advanced physical prototype (as in, more advanced than a doctored-up NERF ball), we’ll be […]


From whence, Scrum? Pt 2

At the bare bones of developing software (we’ll focus on software, but feel free to replace that with “project” or “business” or “book”), you need to know what to create, some thinking about how you’re going to create it, people to create it, and a physical point in the space/time continuum to actually deliver it and call […]


From whence, Scrum?

Having been a software architect/programmer/consultant for over 16 years, I’ve worked on a lot of projects with a lot of different companies. A few years ago I learned about the concept of agile software development and specifically Scrum. There are founders, die-hards, and trainers out there that discovered, designed, and perfected practice of the various […]