Scrumball Update

Dear Scrumball Fans, We approved the final 3D artwork for tooling last week, and sent over the graphics design as well. We’re expecting to receive the first sample batch in about 2 weeks, which will be a huge milestone for us. With an advanced physical prototype (as in, more advanced than a doctored-up NERF ball), […]


The Name Games Scratch-Off Submitted

Hackety hacketing away… We designed, built, wrapped up, and submitted today to the Samsung S Pen Challenge our Name Games Scratch-Off Android mobile app. Speed-learning Android development has been interesting… some things that were fast and easy to find code examples for in iOS were very slow to do so in Android. On the other hand, there […]

Android LinkedIn Authentication made me want to Tear My Hair and Poke My Eyes Out

Apparently there exists is no single working full Android project in the google-able universe that demonstrates authentication via LinkedIn or Google completely functionally. I’m very good at finding things, and have been unsuccessful at finding a project I can import that Just Works. Even now we don’t have one, but I’ll share the following that […]