The Name Games Scratch-Off Submitted

Hackety hacketing away… We designed, built, wrapped up, and submitted today to the Samsung S Pen Challenge our Name Games Scratch-Off Android mobile app. Speed-learning Android development has been interesting… some things that were fast and easy to find code examples for in iOS were very slow to do so in Android. On the other hand, there […]


From whence, Scrum? Pt 2

At the bare bones of developing software (we’ll focus on software, but feel free to replace that with “project” or “business” or “book”), you need to know what to create, some thinking about how you’re going to create it, people to create it, and a physical point in the space/time continuum to actually deliver it and call […]

The Name Games 2 - Pro-Shuffle

The Name Games 2 – 15sec Pitch

Update – we just made it to the finals of the Samsung SPen Developer Challenge and need fast brilliant design help THIS WEEKEND. Contact us if you want to join our team to build this by 7/10, and be eligible to win your own Galaxy Note and split the $1K prize with the rest of […]